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Property Maintenance, Sealcoating,
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We Proudly Serve Residents of Uniontown, PA, and Surrounding Areas

MountainCreek Construction & Maintenance Serves Uniontown Locations

When you need property maintenance, sealcoating, and line striping in Uniontown, PA, and surrounding areas, call MountainCreek Construction & Maintenance. We are proud to offer superior sealing and painting services for local roads and parking lots. Our team in Uniontown, PA serves locations in PA and WV with quality maintenance services.

We have the most modern equipment and skilled laborers to do the job throughout our service area. If you are in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, give us a call today at (724) 437-6090 to schedule an appointment. We also offer landlord services and commercial property maintenance to our customers.

Landlord Services
Asphalt Sealing
Commercial Property Maintenance

Superior Sealcoating for Uniontown and Surrounding Areas

MountainCreek Construction & Maintenance offers sealcoating to preserve your driveway or parking lot in and around West Virginia. Applying sealer every two to three years can significantly increase the asphalt’s lifespan. Sealing can fill voids to make for a smoother surface while restoring pavement. Advantages of sealing include:

  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Enhances asphalt appearance
  • Fills asphalt surface gaps
  • Preventing oxidation
  • Protects against deterioration and crumbling of pavement
  • Reduces pavement exposure to oxygen and water

We Are the Leaders in Line Striping Services for Uniontown and Beyond

We offer complete layout and line striping services using the best equipment on the market. Our customers know about our professional service; we provide competitive quotes and hard-to-beat prices. We will execute all necessary line painting to ensure you comply with the American Disabilities Act. Trust MountainCreek Construction & Maintenance for all your road painting needs in and around Pennsylvania.

Trust MountainCreek to Maintain Properties in Uniontown, PA

Pennsylvania and West Virginia commercial property owners come to us for all their sealing and road painting needs and much more. Whenever a customer calls us, we take their needs very seriously. As part of our quality service promise, we will go above and beyond the call of duty for our customers. Please give us a call today if you live in or around the following locations:

Contact MountainCreek Construction & Maintenance for property maintenance, sealcoating, and line striping in Uniontown, PA.