Commercial Build Outs in Uniontown, PA

MountainCreek Construction & Maintenance Performs Build Outs

If you recently purchased a new commercial space but it does not exactly fit what your company needs, MountainCreek Construction & Maintenance is here for you. We offer commercial build outs for tenants throughout Uniontown, PA. In most cases, our contractors will work with an architect to properly design and execute a functional space. If you are interested in a commercial build out, call MountainCreek Construction & Maintenance at (724) 437-6090 for a free estimate. Our team is fully insured and is ready to get the job done right and at an affordable rate. We also offer commercial property maintenance to existing buildings throughout the area.

What is Included in a Commercial Build Out?

All build outs are individualized to meet the tenant’s needs. Our general contractors can take out or add walls, install new flooring, ceilings, add new bathrooms or plumbing, and much more to create a functional space for your business. In a tenant improvement build out, or a TI, you will have a little more control on who completes the construction and design and how it is done.

Talk to your landlord about your options, and how to negotiate an allowance to pay for the work. In some instances, your landlord may choose to handle the build out and the full cost themselves. It is best to consider your options before making the decision, and also considering the total cost or size of your space.

Call Our Contractors for a Build Out in Uniontown, PA

When you start a commercial build out, it is important to understand any regulations in your area and to have the proper permits. MountainCreek Construction & Maintenance will take the added stress out by obtaining the right permits for you, and working with you to make sure everything meets your needs. Our general contractors understand the importance of a functional space, and we work closely with clients to provide exactly what they need. Contact us today for more information or for a free estimate.